General: Parts

The power supply turret consists of (in a clockwise order):

1. AC power supplies

2. AC meters (voltmeter and ammeters)

3. Watt meters

4. DC meters (voltmeter and ammeters)

5. DC power supplies

The storage cabinet has two shelves. The top shelf contains (from left to right): a three-phase induction motor, a wound-rotor motor, a DC machine, and a multifunction machine. These machines as well as their shelf position are color coded. The color corresponding to the order of the motors listed above are: red, blue, light green, and yellow. The second shelf contains (from left to right): universal motor, a transformer demonstrator, a resistance load, and a resistance-reactance load. They are color coded along with their shelf position as: orange, dark green, black, and white.

The storage cabinet also contains a tachometer generator/indicator, a strobe-tachometer, and various accessories for making connections.

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